Himalayan salt for sale in Pakistan Yusibra

The most natural from the Himalayas to Pakistan

Yusibra salt comes from the Himalayan mines that are 250 million years old, Yusibra salt is enriched with 84 minerals that are very beneficial to our health Yusibra salt is processed with the highest quality standards, so that the consumer have a 100% natural and healthy product. Yusibra salt will give dishes that special touch and flavor that is characteristic of Himalayan salt.

Our Himalayan salts are better in quality for food use and for retail and wholesale sales throughout Pakistan and the world.


We are a company dedicated to the import and marketing of Himalayan salt products.

In 2011 the YUSIBRA company was created   , seeing the need that exists in the market to consume healthy and natural products free of added chemicals.

Consumers of these products have found that YUSIBRA salt meets their expectations for taste and quality.

Currently  YUSIBRA  Himalayan salt offers a wide variety of excellent quality products at a low cost such as food products and decoration.

 At  YUSIBRA  Sal del Himalaya we always care about quality, cleanliness in the extraction and packaging process to offer an artisan product free of impurities. YUSIBRA salt   comes from a town in Pakistan called Khewra near this place are the Himalayan mountains, over time this salt has preserved its natural properties and for that reason Himalayan salt is considered a healthy and natural product

Why Our Products?

We have 100 % stainless plant wherewe check each rock and wash before
crushing, significant clean productssupply will satisfy our buyer.
More then 250 international buyers/customers with repeatedly order.

About Products

Our products Himalayan Salt

Yusibra Himalayan Salt is the number one leader in the Himalayan salt market, we export more than 3000 tons of Himalayan salt every month.

We mainly supply wholesale salt for human consumption in various presentations and measures.

  • Fine Salt
  • 2-5mm granulated salt
  • Granulated salt 1-2mm
  • Powdered salt
  • Himalayan black salt.

Block of Salt to roast meats of various measures.

Himalayan Salt Lamps various presentations, Himalayan Salt Blocks for spa

More than 300 satisfied international clients in 2020.

We Believe In Quality

Yusibra salt is processed with the highest quality standards, so that the consumer has a 100% natural and healthy product

Himalayan salt for sale in Pakistan

We are a 100% Pakistani company with values ​​of ethics, honesty, and commitment in all its aspects. We thank our clients for their trust, helping us to carry out and consolidate this great project of Yusibra Salt Factory, where we manufacture a variety of products with Himalayan salt.

We export Himalayan salt all over the world

In your country or region, you can’t find Himalayan Salt? We can deliver to your door either for personal use or in a distributor model with wholesale prices.


We supply Himalayan salt to industries

  • Food processors
  • Grocery Distributors
  • Food services
  • Supermarkets
  • Cattle raising

No.1 supplier of Himalayan salt in Pakistan

Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps

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